Eye Lid Primer


When to use a eyelid primer:  Eyelids naturally have red and purple tones.  Aging my cause other tones, yellow, brown, etc.  These tones can make your eyes look tired and older. Our eyelid primers are opaque and creamy to the touch and provide a natural look.

Benefits of using an eyelid primer: Our eyelid primers can resolve this problem by providing a single toned base primer.  You can then apply eyeshadow, or foundation for a natural look. 

Ingredients(neutral beige, pale pink,pale peach):  Serecite, Iron oxides, Kaolin clay: may contain titanium dioxide 

Colors available in loose mineral powder 2g w/10gv

  Neutral Beige -an ultra matte skin tone beige , use to cover redness

  Pale Pink- corrector for yellow or mild green hues,  brightening overly olive, sallow skin, and highlighting

  Pale Peach- used to correct blue hues, cover a mild blue bruise, under eye circles, dark spots, brightens      deeper skin tones.


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