Group Class & Specialty Class Schedule

 2017 Schedule for Small Group Classes & Specialty Classes/Workshops

Pre-registration is required on all small group classes (that way we can save a spot or let you know if it is already full or if we need to cancel.)

Please check our live calendar below for any schedule changes as we reserve the right to cancel any class at our discretion without prior notification. (See live calendar below for class updates.)


7:30am TWB Fusion


6:30pm Boot Camp


 7am Pilates small apparatus




7:30am TWB Fusion


7pm Beginner Yoga


7am Pilates Small Apparatus

8am Pilates for Back Care

6:30pm Boot Camp


7:30am TWB Fusion


8:00am Boot Camp


Note: * indicates a specialty class (special dates & rates apply)

Beginner Yoga (for all levels)  Our yoga beginner classes provide a slower paced program with more description and commentary accompanying each asana or posture. Breath awareness is also introduced as well as relaxation at the end of the class

Boot Camp this class will help you build strength and fitness through a wide variety of intense group intervals.  It is designed to push you a little bit further than you would normally push yourself.  You will never get bored as each class is different.

Pilates Mat Learn the essentials and master proper technique to get the benefits of this group class.  Build true core strength and stability while increasing your mind-body awareness.  Props add variety and build familiarity for more challenging classes.  Once you master the essentials you will then begin to focus on endurance and control.  You will gain flexibility and suppleness to your body.

Pilates Small Apparatus *specialty class This pilates class adds variety to mat exercises with fitness circles, foam rollers, resistance balls, medicine balls, arc barrels, fitness bands, bosu, and more.  These exercises will challenge your balance, stability and proprioception while strengthening and stretching. Prior pilates class experience recommended.

TWB Fusion This class is a blend of pilates, yoga and weight training.  Have fun while getting a great workout.

*Semi Private Pilates Reformer and Mixed Apparatus Schedule

Get a few friends together and schedule your own semi private. Duo and Trio’s sessions can be accommodated on the reformers, Mat, bosu and other small apparatus, Duo’s on the above and Stability Chair.

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