This is what our customers are saying about The Whole Body Fitness Spa.

"Not only do you listen to me, but you share in motivating me to the finish line. You contribute more than you know towards strengthening my muscles and my spirit" - S.Hill

"Having had years of back pain followed by a herniated disc, I had tried various therapies and exercising on my own. My doctor recommended finding a personal trainer who was familiar with this type of back injury, and that's how I selected the Whole Body Spa.. When I first came to the Whole Body Spa, I was walking slowly with a limp on my right side. With experienced and detailed instruction and time, the muscles supporting my back strengthened and the pain diminished. Now my limp is gone and I can play with my children again." - Muriel

"With my instructors guidance, Pilates has helped me become a better dancer." 
Britney, Carlisle MA - Nutcracker Ballerina

"I have been taking pilates classes at The Whole Body Spa for over a year. Pilates has given me strength in my abdominal area that I was unable to develop from lifting weights. I am a firm believer in Pilates and regularly attend classes at the studio. Not only have I gained strength in my abdominal area, but I have also learned better breathing techniques. Pilates at The Whole Body Spa is an excellent investment. The staff are truly exceptional." - Larry

"You really got me motivated to get my body back in shape. I especially liked your approach to looking at the whole body and therefore getting each muscle group to work together as they developed. Thank you so much for your time and patience." - Mary

"I love taking Pilates classes at The whole Body Fitness Spa. Even on my worst days my body feels better after a session. And on my best days there is fun in the challenge of trying to perfect an exercise, or even move to another level. It is never boring. The instructors trained eye can see when something is "off". We appreciate her gentle touch, and our bodies have learned to respond as soon as she starts walking toward us! Pilates is the best exercise I have ever done for my body. I love the strength that I am gradually acquiring, and the body awareness that I hope will allow me to move more gracefully in this world." - Juta

"I like the atmosphere. The instructors voice and cuing make exercising much less of a chore. Joanne has a perfect yoga voice and I enjoy her classes." - Bridget

"The relaxing atmosphere is a haven for me on Monday afternoons. Your prices are excellent for all you provide. I have really seen a difference in my posture and my endurance for other activities. It is so much easier to follow an exercise program when you believe in the instructor and information they share." - Kristin

"I am stronger, I have more energy and I have noticed my body is more toned. I appreciated the encouragement as a beginner that I would improve and become more proficient. And I did." - Jean

"I really appreciate all the accommodations during my pregnancy. I feel that pilates has really helped me remain comfortable and strong." - Gunilla
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