Yoga :  Yes you can do yoga

Private & Semi Private Yoga sessions in studio

Small Group Online Class Schedule

Monday 10:15am Chair Yoga  $17

Wednesday 10:30am Gentle Yoga $17

to pre-register and pay or have questions answered please email:

The Whole Body Studio offers numerous styles of yoga in studio private, semi private sessions.  Yoga classes are online interactive sessions 

 I will take the time to fit what style yoga is best for your individual needs.

As you progress in your yoga practice you will find the results of yoga powerful. Not only will your body become more flexible, an important function as we age, but your spirit will become more aware of life.

What health benefits do I obtain from Yoga?

There are many benefits from yoga. Yoga aims to unite the mind, body and spirit. Yoga makes the body flexible, realigns the body and stretches muscles through holding poses and using breathing techniques. Yoga also helps calm the mind by releasing the days activities as one concentrates on the poses. Yoga removes toxins in the body by stretching muscles and massaging internal organs thus helping to flush out toxins by replenishing the blood supply.

What type of clothing should be worn for Yoga?

Yoga is done in a group class. You want to wear comfortable workout clothing that fits tight around your body. You will find yourself in many poses that require you to stretch and bend in standing, sitting and lying positions. We recommend bare feet as this is the best way to grip the mat. Socks and shoes do not allow firm contact with the mat.

How long before I see results?
Yoga is not only an exercise it is a lifestyle. To fully benefit from Yoga you need to continue to expand your thought process around the practice and seek improvements in a continuum. Many people experience sense of greater well being after one class but as you continue to take more classes improvements come in gradual increments.

What are spiritual benefits?
Yoga helps an individual evolve spiritually as it enables an individual to understand and accept their life situation and experiences from a broader perspective, thereby increasing faith in a higher process of life and faith in God and the goodness of life. We experience a spiritual awakening because we make a deeper connection with other human beings the natural world and ourselves.

What are emotional benefits?
Yoga frees the mind from anxiety, worry and tension and transforms negative emotions, traits and behaviors into positive and higher states. It makes an individual more sensitive, caring and compassionate to the needs of others. It helps in all personal relationships at home, at work and in society and improves an individual’s work efficiency and professionalism.
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