Facial Starter Kits 2oz or 4oz Show Ready Skin Care 4 Teens

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Show Ready products are about balance.  When all the skin's functions are in balance your skin will be at its best, which is healthy and glowing.  All skin types need to be in balance, all skin types are susceptible to damage from environmental stressors.

Teen skin tends to be combination/oily.  Overproduction of sebum, is often responsible for pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.  This attracts dirt and bacteria that cause blemishes. That is why extra attention is important to ensure that teen skin remains clean and healthy.

Show Ready products are formulated to work together to get optimal results.

Lavender & Aloe Cleanser- Wash hands thoroughly, then wet your facial skin, put some cleanser (about the size of a nickel in your palm and distribute it with your fingertips evenly on your face.  Massage it in and leave on for two minutes before rinsing off.

Balancing Facial Toner- Mist onto skin after thoroughly cleansing.  This will help to resent the pH, minimize pores and prepare skin to receive facial lotion.

Balancing Facial Lotion-  Apply to skin after misting with Balancing Facial Toner.  Do not skip this important step

Skin Care Travel Case (color may vary)

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