Weight Management the Healthy Way


Healthy weight management happens through proper nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.  Food is a major part of our lives.  We are surrounded by opportunities to make choices that will either help you succeed in your weight management goals or to fail.
The good news is you can develop new strategies for making better choices consistently  You will also really enjoy eating and making healthier foods. After the 12 weeks you should be able to continue on your own.  If you chose not to we also offer continuing programs.

12 weeks to Healthy Weight Management habits  $299  (includes: one on one initial consult 1hr, 11 weekly follow-up sessions 15-20 minutes, daily text contacts to help motivate and (30-45 days supply Pure Lean protein Blend (protein with mutlivitamins for support of weight management).

The cost of this program is less than $25 per week(less than your coffee shop coffee for a week, less than a tank of gas). You are defiantly worth it.




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